Friday, August 27, 2010

Smokie Norful - No One Else

Father's Day Songs

Every year around Father's Day, I start thinking about what a great Dad I was blessed to have and about how few songs there are that celebrate the good fathers that are around.

So, last year ( and I created a list
of songs about fathers.

Songs about Fathers
Compiled by Dr. Deborah Smith Pollard and

Positive and/or Funny Songs about Fathers

“Memories (When Will I See You Again)" - Canton Spirituals
"The Living Years" - London Community Gospel Choir
“Darnell's Tribute” - The Williams Family Singers
“Just Like You” - Anthony Evans
“Thanks For Staying” - Da'Dra Crawford-Greathouse (from Bishop Jakes’ CD
"I'm A Daddy” - Derrick Hall & Co.
"Tribute To Dad” - Luther Barnes
"Daddy Come Home” - Jackson Southernaires
"Grandpa's Hands” - Gene Harris
"Father I'm Coming Home” - Canton Spirituals
"Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was” - Chi-lites (non gospel)
"Dance With My Father” - Luther Vandross (non gospel)
"Color Him Father” - The Winstons (non gospel)
“There Is a King in You” Donald Lawrence and Company
"Daddy Can't Sing” - Vickie Winans
“This Is Your Grand Diddy”—Mr. Brown (from the play and movie Meet the Browns)

Other Songs about Fathers (Deadbeats, Absentee)

“Interlude”—Fred Hammond (on Kirk Franklin’s CD Hero)
“Still My Father” - Bryan Wilson

Did we miss any good ones? Let us know! Leave the name of the song under comments, please!

Monday, August 23, 2010

NPR Says: "Twinkie Clark Sings the Way Coltrane Played!"

Twinkie Clark was the subject of a profile on National Public Radio on "Morning Edition," which is terrific for her and for gospel music.

Listen and/or read the transcript here: